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Frequently Asked Questions

As Knows Kit, we are a unique entity legally offering social media services. Here’s how we operate with our exclusive services:

  • Customers complete their transactions securely.
  • Knows Kit promptly sets up ads/promotions on various social networks and ad networks using API.
  • We channel genuine interactions/impressions to your profiles from these advertisements.
  • We strictly avoid using fake accounts or any artificially created profiles.

Therefore, Knows Kit acts as a legal intermediary between you and advertising networks.

Knows Kit is pioneering in legally offering social media services. Our system is fully automated, ensuring ultra-fast delivery. Our dedicated team works round the clock, including holidays, to provide unparalleled social media services. You can trust Knows Kit for reliable and effective social media growth.

The choice is yours, but for those promoting products on Instagram or seeking visibility, we recommend starting with over 5,000 followers. This number tends to create a strong initial impression, which is crucial on social media.

In today’s socially-driven world, gaining visibility is essential, whether for personal branding or product promotion. Knows Kit supports your goals by enhancing your social media presence, thus increasing your potential for attention and sales.

Absolutely. Purchasing social media followers or likes is a legitimate digital marketing strategy. We promote your account through social media ads, making the process completely legal and safe.

Our support team, available 24/7, typically responds to queries within a Few Hours, even on holidays.